MyFriends International
Learning Community 2020

Rewatch the sessions

The 2020 International Learning Community was held online on zoom. Here you can find the link to all the session videos. The password was sent to all participants by email.


Vision of MyFriends Lifestyle & Movement roundtable

Time: 2pm CEST Switzerland

How did MyFriends start? What is the Vision behind? Why are we doing what we do? Talking/exploring about the development of the Lifestyle & Movement part. What is your vision and how could MyFriends fit into it and into your country/region? What are the key-lessons others have learned?

The base concept of MyFriends

Time: 10pm CEST Switzerland

Talking/Discovering about the changes in society, the target group of Millennials and what is important to them. The concept of MyFriends Lifestyle and how it works & multiplies. We are exploring the major keys about it and how we can make disciples.

Details of MyFriends Lifestyle

Time: 6am CEST Switzerland

What is behind each step of the MyFriends concept. Looking at it in detail. How to start a movement of Disciples through MyFriends? How could it work in your context? What could be the limitation?

Bible Discovery Session

Time: 2pm CEST Switzerland

Experiencing a bible discovery session with others. How can I use that powerful tool for multiplication, movement building and disciple-making? Link the bible discovery tool to the MyFriends concept.

MyFriends Trainings & Material

Time: 10pm CEST Switzerland

How can we train and equip the people to live MyFriends lifestyle? Looking through the training material, apps and practitioners-handbooks. How and where to use which? Each country/region has developed their own part of it. How could we benefit from that?

Identity & Relationship with Father God

Time: 2pm CEST Switzerland

How are people growing into their identity in Christ? What is our active role in this context? How can we disciple people into full freedom?

Sustainable Movement Building

Time: 10pm CEST Switzerland

Let’s talk about the real life challenges with Disciple-making. How can we see the 3rd and 4th generation of disciples? How can we support the sustainability of the movement?

MyFriends Learning Communities and Lifestyle-groups

Time: 6am CEST Switzerland

How do we continue to support those who are living the MyFriends Lifestyle? And how can we coach disciple-makers to continue with lifestyle and to disciple others? How do we lead people into disciple making?

Disciples & Generations

Time: 2pm CEST Switzerland

How can you find others who are interested in discipleship? How can we develop leaders and build discipleship networks? How can we see generations of disciples, who make disciples. Talking/Discovering about how to launch disciple-networks in your country/region.

Connect with leaders

Time: 6am CEST Switzerland

How do we connect/talk with leaders towards a common kingdom vision and movement? How to win them for it? How can we talk about paradigm shift with other leaders and win them for it?

How to see a paradigm shift in the church?

Time: 2pm CEST Switzerland

How do we shift the mindset of the people in the church towards disciple-making lifestyle? How do we develop church leaders in an apostolic/missional mindset to help them implement the lifestyle in their church program? This is a roundtable with the question: How can a church be transformed into a disciple-making movement, what is our part in it and how can we actively support this movement?